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Deli Meat

Premium Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

Our turkey breast is a 2 piece, whole muscle hand made deli meat with no tenders and less than 10% processing moisture. It is oven roasted and braised in pure vegetable oil to produce a roasted appearance and a better flavor profile than the usual caramel coloring other brands use.

Black Forest Ham

This unique tasting ham has a variety of applications. It can be used for ham steaks, panini sandwiches, thinly sliced for a ‘mile high’ sandwich, or diced for omelet’s or salads.

The ham is produced from top and bottom rounds of pork and hand trimmed. It is hickory smoked and cooked to perfection.

Boneless Pit Ham Product

Prime’s Boneless Pit Ham is hand trimmed using only the top and bottom rounds of pork. It is gently smoked with no water added natural juices only.

Perfect for carving stations, and can be used for ham steaks and ham sandwiches.

Seasoned Roast Beef

Prime Meats Cooked Seasoned Roast Beef is made form USDA choice cap-off top rounds. It's deli faced, dry packed, and cooked to rare-medium rare. The quality of this Roast Beef is extremely consistent and can be served with pride and confidence as an entree or signature sandwich.

Cooked Corned Beef Round

The Cooked Corned Beef is made from Utility grade or higher lean beef bottom rounds.

The strap is cut off which makes for a very lean and high yield beef. For maximum flavor and tenderness, we recommend shaving or slicing very thin.

Excellent for sub shops, caterers, deli’s hotels, or country clubs for the prefect corned beef sandwich.

Pastrami Round

Prime Meats pastrami round is hand trimmed with the strap off. It is specially cured, spiced, pepper coated and gently smoked.

Thinly sliced and served hot on rye bread, this pastrami makes a very tasty sandwich.